Disciples who follow Yeshua do not use confusing religious terms. Here are some terms you might hear a Yeshuan say, just to be clear.


  • never used to identify a place, nor a building
  • a meeting of Disciples of Yeshua
  • a meating of Disciples of Yeshua (with food)
  • a gathering of Disciples of Yeshua
  • Religious Term: “Church”

Disciple, or Yeshuan

  • Disciple of Yeshua
  • Religious Term: “Christian”
  • A Disciple/Yeshuan is a student or pupil of the scriptures, and a follower/apprentice of Yeshua,

The Messiah

  • a title, never used as a name
  • religious Term: “Christ” or “the Christ”


  • religious Term: “Jesus”

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