Marie Estebanie Pelin

Marie hails from a humble beginning.  Through hard work, supporting her studies as a working student, she was able to complete a course of study and receive a Bachelor of Commerce Degree,  majoring in Management Accounting, from the University of Cebu.

After graduation, Marie pursued a career in the field of Management Accounting.  For a number of years she advanced herself in this field though hard work, and a good work ethic.

As life would have it, difficult events, such as the death of her mother, and the birth of her daughter, would both challenge her and inspire her to greater achievements.  The death of her mother provoked her thought about health, prompting her to become a Vegarian.  The birth of her daughter motivated her to seek the purpose of life.  Marie saw her life changed as she entered into an exchanged life on February 24, and became a Yeshuan.

As life would have it, Marie became interested in dissemination of useful information, not only to help herself and her daughter, but in order to help others seeking a path along the same lines.  This led to learning about Internet webpages, and writing code to make them.

Today Marie works as an Internet Webmaster, and specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Marie is a member of the TuKod Team, developing WordPress themes and plugins for multi-site, multi-network installations of WordPress.  She works with the development team of TAIT.Asia (T.A.I.T, is the Tightly Aligned Integrated Technology Group).  Furthermore Marie volunteers as an editor on the TAIT Styles, a computer coding standard the spans forty years.

As a Vegarian, Marie gives time to help others improve their lives with the Design Diet, especially helping children with autism.  Likewise, she helps others to learn the practical benefits of following Yeshua, and living a vigorous and active Vegarian life.

Although not obvious, most of the activities Marie is involved in, have a truly practical side to them.  It is not a surprise to her friends that she currently desires to learn how to weld metal!  She has a goal to build a seminar building to help people discover, and develop, knowledge and skills to improve their own lives.